Dog Training at it's Best!

                  Why Basic Obedience and Dog Powered Sports?  

Possibly the best sport you will ever do with your dog, with so many benefits!

  • Straight Line Motion: strengthens muscles and connective tissue, so your dog can develop properly.
  • Satisfies a dogs natural instinct and need to roam and travel, while safely under control.
  • Wonderful way to enjoy some time, out in the fresh air on a winter wonderland trail with your best buddy!
  • Natures Gymnasium! Excellent workout and great way for you and your dog to get in shape... no stair master required :)  

It is a lot easier for your dog to learn correctly the first time than to be re-trained from bad habits...hold tight we are just about there! 



Dog Nail Trimming Tutorial

If you are even a little unsure of
how to trim dog nails, check out our complete course below...but first sign up for one of  Grooming Portal's tutorials for free!

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Learn Basic Dog Manners and Beginner Harness Training!

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Want to Know How to Groom Your Dog Yourself?

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